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A nice object-oriented programming language

Ruby Programming Language


Ruby version manager

GitHub - rbenv/rbenv: Manage your app’s Ruby environment

Rbenv Dependencies


apt-get install autoconf patch build-essential rustc \
  libssl-dev libyaml-dev libreadline6-dev zlib1g-dev \
  libgmp-dev libncurses5-dev libffi-dev libgdbm6 libgdbm-dev \
  libdb-dev uuid-dev


yay -S --needed base-devel rust libffi libyaml openssl zlib

Don’t forget to install both rbenv and rbenv-build. I’m accustomed to installation with Git, but rbenv-installer is also a thing.

curl -fsSL | bash

GitHub - rbenv/rbenv-installer: Installer and doctor scripts for rbenv


Ruby DSL for GUI applications in many environments

glimmer-dsl-swt | | your community gem host

GitHub - AndyObtiva/glimmer-dsl-swt: Glimmer DSL for SWT (JRuby Desktop Development Cross-Platform Native GUI Framework) - The Quickest Way From Zero To GUI - If You Liked Shoes, You’ll Love Glimmer!

Glimmer SWT

gem install glimmer-dsl-swt

Enables Glimmer DSL for SWT in Java

Now you got a glimmer command for running the scripts, and a girb probably for Glimmer-enhanced irb.

Glimmer on macOS

Run glimmer-setup after install, then follow the instructions

$ glimmer-setup
~/.bash_profile has been modified
~/.zprofile has been modified

Before using `glimmer` or `girb`, start a new shell session in the same
directory (open a new terminal tab and go to the same directory) or run
the following command:

export JRUBY_OPTS="$JRUBY_OPTS -J-XstartOnFirstThread"

Afterwards, you may run the following commands: